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Full Version: Multiple backends with joined channels
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I've currently got a server with a twin tuner DVB-C card running tvheadend backend and a box with Openelec and a single tuner. The box has got a single tuner and I've got tvheadend running both as a backend and a frontend. I can use either the local tvheadend backend or the remote one, both work without a problem.
My plan is to have recordings done centralized via the remote backend and use the local one on the box just for live TV in case no remote tuner is available.[/b]
I've tried two attempts so far.

  1. Two HTSP PVR clients, one for remote backend and one for local
  2. Setting up SAT>IP on the local backend so that the remote one can use the tuner

1. Two HTSP PVR clients with separate backends
If I set up the htsp client twice in Kodi (by copying the addon folder and changing the addon.xml) I can get both backends give me their channel lists but I've got every channel twice, once from the remote backend and once from the local one. I want the local backend only to offer live TV and no recordings. This is easy, simply don't activate PVR functionality in the backend.
The result is close to what I want but no cigar. I'd like to merge the channel list to have one entry per channel, regardless how many backends provide it. Additionally a backend priority would be nice so that the box would always try the remote one first. Or even better, use any one but if I press recording then send that request to the remote one.

2. Include box tuner via SAT>IP
The second method (SAT>IP) basically does what I want, the problem is the box is connected via powerLAN because I can't get a nework cable to that point and if I try to watch from the local tuner because the other ones are busy the traffic goes like this:
box ---(SAT>IP)--> server backend --(HTSP)--> box
So I need twice the bandwith and the powerLAN link is too slow for that. If the remote backend could tell the box to use the origin of the SAT>IP stream it would be local but apparently it can't Sad

Any ideas?