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Full Version: WNBC new splash
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Hi all
WNBC plugin

NBC have been reducing the amount of free episodes of series , in favour of cable subscribers.
In the last two weeks or so I thought from the behaviour of Kodi they had moved 100% to cable access only.

However, having a few problems with the Odroid C2 running android 5.1 , I used Kodi on my Laptop running Linux Mint 17.3
and found that there are still plenty of free episodes.
But at the start of the stream NBC have put an animated flash of their logo, it may be something like adobe flash they have used,
but the android version 16.1 does not like it and returns a failed download.
Any ideas on a fix for this, unfortunately my kodi have that the android version has not.
I'm still trying to find out whether the required plugin need to show this NBC animated splash is available on an ARM platform whether android or linux.
Or whether its only available on i86 or x86_64 .

Anyone any ideas ?