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Full Version: Newbie trying to scrape my movies
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I have added my movie's folder to my Video tab. I am using UPNP from my NAS device. I can play the movies in Kodi but I am not getting any Artwork and everything else to come across. I added the Universal Movie scraper in but no luck. After I add the source of my videos it never shows the screen where it asks me to Set Content. I am running Kodi 16.0 on my Mac. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Sometimes it has to do with the the folder structure. Video -> Movies -> The Avengers (for example). See also these instructions

Edit: scraping functionality for creating a library doesn't work with UpNP.

I'm a newbie too, had the same problem, and the solution was, as indirectly indicated above, to mark my folders as containing films.

Thanks, Jon
smicale, did you manage to work out the issue? I have exactly the same problem, and like you use UPnP from my NAS hard drive.

Looking at the link from Miss_80, I noticed the highlighted text:
Note: UPnP won't work with the library features (scanning data in like summaries and movie covers) in Kodi, but just about all the other options should be fine.

I gather from this, that our issue could be related to using UPnP...
Why use uPnP? It is simply not needed. Get your media via SMB of NFS and all will be well.