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Full Version: AudioLibrary.GetSongs sorting by dateadded
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AudioLibrary.GetSongs seems broken when using sort method dateadded in Kodi 16.1 and in current nightly builds.


{"error":{"code":-32603,"message":"Internal error."},"id":4,"jsonrpc":"2.0"}
You should ping DaveTblake by PM or Trac.

I can't compile since the VS 2015 change but confirm the problem.
I'll try and get a PR up over the weekend for 17, having internet issues that are slowing me down. Under RERO Jarvis is now staying as it is warts and all.

@Tolriq about time to get VS2015 working, I finally have Smile
I have 3 GB free on main SSD Sad I need to find time for a large cleanup or even eventually a format to start fresh Smile

Seeing how slow is Kodi to compile I don't want to install VS on a slow green drive Sad
Fix for this here 9809 (PR) any feedback on Git please.
thanks for the fix