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Full Version: Visualization control?
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Toyed with the idea of adding a visualization to my skin, but I have no idea how to control it.

I added the proper control, but how do I force it to always use - say - a 2D "Spectrum" (old school equalizer bars style) as the visualization in this visualisation control ?

<control type="visualisation">

- As you can see this is a tiny control, and it is simply to be used as a hint that music is playing.
you can't control what visualisation the user will choose (like video control)
there is a button in the music OSD that let the user choose from select dialog which visualisation to use.

a little side note\tip,
sometimes users wants it with some opacity level, and to see both fanart and visualisations in the same time, while some others prefer just fanart\visualisations.
so if you want to implement it, I suggest you to think about adding settings for that.
I feared that. I think in this case that the users want what I want.
I dont want to limit someones acidtrip here. I am all pro-fullscreen viz-as-an-artform. But I need it for something entirely different here. As a simple visual clue that music is playing.

I guess having more than one visualization control with different styles is also a nogo?

Could it be hacked you think? I script.
mm let's wait for more pro users, but one small tip I know for sure, that you can use <visible/> tags with StringCompare to the visualisation name, so you can show you control only when the user has chose "Spectrum" ie..
There is no need for settings where I am going. ;-)
The visualization Control is buggy in atleast jaarvis (never used it before). When i scroll it off screen it resizes to fit on thw screen thua becoming very very narrow. Once it leaves the screen it shiws in fullscreen for a spit second. Pros where are you?