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Full Version: Autoselect on Select link dialog
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Dear all,
I observe that while browsing around with Files.GetDirectory in some addon of kodi, then passing some resulting items of the array "files" to Player.Open (I passed the item having "filetype" = "file", and feed its "file" property to Player.Open), I may get a dialog "Select link" showing up in Kodi to select several alternative URLs of that media.

From the viewpoint of RPC programming, how can I distinguish the two case: Player.Open will open the media or it will show up the Dialog ?

Many thanks
That is probably addon/plugin specific and not really known to Kodi.
Thank you Montellese for your prompt reponse.
Then from the viewpoint of kodi, can I check (using RPC) what kind/name of dialog/window which is currently active?
Many thanks