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Full Version: PseudoCinema Poster
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What is it?
  • PseudoCinema Poster creates a virtual movie poster for your home theater. Turn any TV/Monitor into a dynamic cinema poster, similar in function to
  • but with one main advantage, it's designed to run on any device capable of running Kodi (ie. inexpensive Raspberry Pi). If you plan on building a windows based Cinema Poster I highly recommend you use meyer64's
  • software.

  • Fully customizable skin
  • Random Posters from Kodis DB
  • Current Playing Poster
  • Autostart Service

Upcoming Features:
  • Poster Filters (Genre, Rating)
  • Animated Posters
  • Trailers (Kodi DB,Coming Soon, In theaters)
  • Event triggers
  • Custom Marquee
  • Trakt, IMDB, Sickbeard, Sonarr, Couchpotato and Rotten Tomatoes integration
  • Next Aired plugin display
  • PseudoTV Live "OnNow" display
  • Sports/Live event display
  • Kodi PVR event display
  • Touch screen support
  • Transition effects, Rotation control

sports metadata from http://www.thesportsdb.com/ ?

I think you have inspired me to put my nexus7 to use.
The repo is down, 404 not found. It's still working with kodi 18?
Is this dead? if it works with Kodi 18 a working link would be awesome sauce.