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Full Version: EPG Description displaying twice
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I'm in Australia and im having issues with OTA EPG data repeating itself in Kodi.

As you can see for certain channels the EPG description is being applied twice and repeating itself.

It's doing this because TVheadend is showing the description twice for some channels. As seen here:

No other backends have this behaviour, only TVheadened
Looks like the Australian broadcasters are no more competent than the UK ones - or, at least, the EPG providers aren't!

As I understand it, the EPG should give three main descriptions: the title, a subtitle, and a summary. However, what I've seen on this side of the planet is that many broadcasters use the subtitle for a summary, and I guess that's what you're seeing here. It used to work better for "our" format EPG, but then didn't work for much of Europe because it wasn't handling the strings correctly.

That's not an answer as to how to solve this, I know... I wonder how the other backends handle different formats, and why tvh is different (if, as you say, the other backends work properly).
Im currently using vdr which displays info correctly
Also next pvr displays correctly.

It seems I cannot find the perfect backend.

Tvheadend's instant recording seems to randomly fail on me, displays epg double, and makes my video fall out of sync too often.

Nextpvr, works nearly flawlessly, only the instant recording is screwed up and I have to pick record twice for it to start a recording.

Vdr seems very stable, but lacks the ability to add repeating epg timers....

I guess this is the major drawback to kodi's pvr system. The fact it uses addons to talk to a million different backend means that it's relying too much on people to develop working addons. I wish pvr was built in to kodi.... Though making it cross platform would just be an insane task for any developer out there.

I can't seem to win.