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The now album series in the UK has been going since 1983 - I have just started to create cdart for ALL the now albums - Its going to be a long journey but may need a little help - this is just a shout out to anyone who has an older now thats what I call music cd to provide me with a scan and i'll do the rest.
The scans don't have to be great as i'm going to do them all from scratch - keeping as close to the original scan as possible
if you are not familiar with the series here is the official page http://www.nowmusic.com/ - these are the UK versions only !!!!
here are a couple of examples of what I have done :-

watch gallery

Compressed NOW covers (UK) : -


(I started a few days ago so have got a long way to go) - Any scans from now 21 - 80 (UK) would be of so much help in any quality or even if you have a link to an image on the net - again of a medium quality would help Smile

Heres hoping there are some people willing to share - (I shall carry on regardless of any help so you will be able to see progress from the dropbox link above) but I will get done much quicker from a helpful community

Many thanks in advance.............

keep an eye on the dropbox link as am updating as and when I finish a disc Smile

oh and if you DO spot any spelling mistakes - PLEASE let me know and i'll correct them asap

All albums now here, up to the latest one (93) - will add more albums as and when available

EDIT - updated link to compressed cd's ready to go on fanart.tv

OLD LINK HERE - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e7oddmjtarmey...8pLsa?dl=0
(uncompressed covers)

Updated today 28/03/2018
Awesome, please upload to Fanart.tv and TADB so everyone can benefit


Don't forget to make them transparent!
I don't have time right this second, but I do have most, if not all of Now 21 - 90. I can start scanning them in this evening once I've dug the actual CD's out of the cupboard !!
Hehe zag , I, am senior mod over at fanart.tv, when I have time and when double and triple checked they will be there
Black eagle, awesome, what a great surprise, wasn't sure how much of a response I would get. Take your time as I can only do a couple a day
this is really awesome. thank you for taking the time to do this and share with the rest of the community.
Thanks for doing this,

If I could figure out how to do cdart I would do loads, but I just failed miserably following zag's music logo guide! I know I tried some old fanart tutorials but could never figure out somethings.
Now 75 - 84, just raw scans !! These were just the ones in the front of the cupboard, I'll dig the rest out soon and scan them. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e09d6fty4g8x7y...4.zip?dl=0
Many thanks, you can pm me with the links save clogging up the thread, will look tonight
just looked at the scans and they look ok - maybe make the scans a bit larger(if at all possible) (the 3d text on them would take me an age to replicate for each disc using photoshop 3d) - so will use some trickery to cut it out but the bigger they are the easier and more exact i can be (maybe in the region of 2500x2500 would be perfect) - older discs seem to just have text on them with none of that 3d shadow going on so i'll leave it to you which ones need a larger scan
Once again many thanks black eagle Smile
Sure. I scanned them at 300dpi, but my scanner can do 400, 600 & 1200dpi as well so I'll try 400 and see what size I get.
some time next week i'll be up to about Now 23 (all going well) - and I don't have any sources from 23 onwards - so early editions would be really appreciated Smile
I've just realized these are not scans, and you are vecorizing the CD's, thats amazing skill Smile
thanks zag - the early ones are quite easy as they are text based - I just spent my time creating the logo (thing is they change it a little each time a new compilation came out) - and then spent a while sourcing the correct fonts - again they change slightly for each compilation LOL
The tough bit will be when I get to the middle of the compilations 30-60 - i'm not quite finalized on how i'm going to do them yet - I have a couple of ideas but nothing solid.
I'll worry about that when I get there Smile
Anyway zag - glad you like them Smile
OK after scratching around the internet I have discs up to number 30 to work from - along with black eagles I still have a shortfall of 40 LOL
Shouldn't be a problem though - as long as I have a picture for the discs going forward I should be ok.
Am working on 3d rendering so should be able to do a good representation of the logos up to now 90 - the rest should be available elsewhere at a good resolution for me to work from.
Although if anyone else has any scans it would be appreciated (even if you own a single compilation) - it will all help Smile
Can't wait for this to be finished, I've just been playing around with custom music nodes in kodi and got only the "Now That's What I Call Music!" compilations to show in my new "Series" node Smile


PHP Code:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<node order="6" type="filter">
    <label>Now Thats What I Call Music!</label>
    <rule field="album" operator="contains">
        <value>Now That's What I Call Music!</value>
    <order direction="ascending">album</order>
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