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Full Version: repo submission
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I submitted a new release of reFocus a week ago (and a new update just now) but haven't heard anything back, and I am not seeing a lot of activity in the mailing list.

I don't mean to nag but I would like to know if anything is up that I need to take care of.

ronie wasnt available for some days. I am confident that you will get a response soon. Smile
hey Jeroen, i've reviewed your pull request a few days ago,
perhaps my response didn't make it to your inbox somehow...

see: https://sourceforge.net/p/xbmc/mailman/m.../35095541/
Hi ronie, for some godforsaken reason your review ended up in my filter. As I did receive the digest update mails I didn't think of checking that. Sorry about that, I'll send you an update.