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Full Version: How to add DVD of a TV Series as a movie?
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I have both the 2003 DVD of "Speed Racer: Collectors Edition" which is a movie compilation of various episodes of the animated 1967 TV show. I also have the 2008 actor portrayed movie of "Speed Racer". I want the DVD of the TV Series to show up in my Movies section of Kodi, so I have the DVD rip in my movies directory on my NAS. But when it gets scraped, it always pick the 2008 movie entry for the TV show movie compilation. Maybe that's my problem. I want it to show up as a movie, but since it's based on a TV series, the scraper can't figure out what to use? Am I stuck having to move this to my TV show file structure? Or is there a way to have Kodi make TV show DVD's listed as a movie?