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Full Version: Cant connect new clients
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I use latest tvheadend running on Pi3 (4.1-2051).
I have 2 clients without problems using kodi (16.1) with tv watching and tv recording.
But when I try to add new clients (with kodi too) it just dont work.
I can access web interface of tvheadend on both new client (ip:9982).
When I configure tvheadend on new kodis, PVR never get activated and I dont have the TV menu. I configure tvheadend add-on the same way that on the 2 first clients and enable it but it just dont works. Firewall for kodi is opened.
Where should I look to ? Is there logs on kodi windows ?
%APPDATA%\Kodi\kodi.log - switch on debug logging first, and then paste it to xbmclogs or pastebin.
Configuration error on new clients.