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Full Version: No video output for any repos... jarvis 16.1
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Having problem with video output in the program I reinstalled and factory reset my windows ten still no video output in any repos please help... just audio and colors what should I do...thankz DW.. was workin at one time... please help..
Which repos are you referring to? Please note our forum rules (wiki) on piracy and banned add-ons (wiki) before answering.

Jarvis needs directx 11 on Windows, so check your graphics drivers are up to date and support it.
I have the same problem on Windows 10 Pro.
Is there any solutions yet?
Tried to install Direct X 11 but it didn't seem to work.
Repos don't output video. A repo is a collection of addons. If you have a problem with a particular addon, say so. Post a debug log (wiki). Refer to DarrenHill's post though.