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Full Version: Bug? Aspect ratio changes when deinterlace set to ON
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This issue occurs is current released Kodi (15.2) for Raspberry Pi (both 1 and 2), on Openelec (6.0.3)
To reproduce:
- Play SD TV recording from VDR, 16:9 aspect.
- select video properties, and set deinterlace to ON, rather than AUTO
- stop playback
- start playback of same show
- playback now plays compressed to a 4:3 size, although GUI is correct at 16:9
- resetting deinterlace to AUTO on that show doesn't work, now always plays with deinterlace on and 4:3 aspect
- have to reset deinterlace to AUTO, then store as default for all videos, then stop and re-start playback to clear the problem.

Can others reproduce this ?