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Full Version: Video playback lags on Jarvis 16.1
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I'm using XBMC on Windows 7 Pro and Aeon MQ skin for a long time (several years). XBMC is installed on an Intel NUC Media PC (core i5). Videos are not stored on this PC but on a NAS Server connected via standard share. Connection between Intel NUC and NAS via (D)LAN with a rate ~250MBit.

In the last time I realize many problems viewing SD content (e.g. 480p). These videos lags again and again and again. No fun :-(

In the settings of XBMC / Aeon MQ I didn't find any options to change something concerning video playback for especially SD contents.

Does anyone has an idea what the reason for these lags are? What I can do or change?

Please Help ...
And samples of the videos.

Hi again,

sorry for not providing logs. Surely the best way to analyse any problems.

Please one question / idea before.

I use Intel NUC Kit NUC5i3RYH with currently 4 MB Ram. Could it be an issue of low memory? I plan to upgrade to 16 MB, especially because I have to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro (from Windows 7 Pro).

May more memory help?
No Debug Log no issue.

I now followed the Wiki to activate Debug Logging. I also installed "Kodi Log Uploader", but it doesn't work, it ends with an error. No idea why. But this is not my original problem, so I put the kodi.log file on my website.

The kodi.log file could be watched here: https://dirch.im-ruhrpott.eu/kodi.log
Because you then just see the contents of log file, I created a zip so you can download and watch with any editor here: https://dirch.im-ruhrpott.eu/kodi.zip

I hope that works :-)

The movie I watched while logging in debug mode is Goosebumps (in german Gänsehaut).

Just two timecodes that maybe will help to find right passages:
21:51:08 The movie was opened
21:54:51 Start of Debug logging

While watching movie I realized one thing just before the movie lags and switched back to menu. In the info area in the top left corner of the screen I saw any of my 4 CPU kernels (?correct word?). Only 1 kernel is really working, and just before lag it runs with 100%. And then ... movie stops.

I hope you can help me. That is really un-funny ;-)
Hitching my wagon to this train.

Recently upgraded to KODI 16.1 (Windows). It has started exhibiting video lag. The Video output will freeze during playback of both Video content and Audio (mp3 w/visualization) playback, but the Audio playback will continue without interruption. I have noticed that freeze will also freeze the HUD overlay. The issue appears may be isolated to 16.1 as reverting to 15.2 removed the issue entirely.

Confluence Skin
Settings/History using MySQL DB instead of local DB
Windows 7 Pro x64
Radeon 7850 (tried latest BETA and latest release drivers)
Content is being read over network (SMB).

I can also generate a Debug log when I get home this evening.
Attempted to recreate the problem last night by re-upgrading to 16.1 over the existing 15.2 installation. Played through an entire album and multiple videos without being able to reproduce the problem with debug logging turned on.

I'll follow-up if I am able to recreate the issue.
By the way.

My issue is still alive :-(
Does anyone has an idea or hint. I now upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and the issue goes on :-(

Am I really the only one?
Well, with a probability of 50% I found a solution in another german forum.

For all who are interested in to get my way here it is. First I have to admit that this is quite simple and concerns to my own stupidity ;-)

What I never have known so far is that even in MQ6 it is possible to switch from standard setting view to expert setting view (there are some other view but doesn't matter). And that's it. In expert setting view you can configure in the video playback options the so called "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" and "Sync Playback to Display". I saw this in earlier versions of MQ but later it disappeared. Now I understand. I switched the first mentioned option to "Always" and it seems to work. Tested it just one time, but I'm hopeful that it will work fully.

For those who don't know how to switch the setting views. Let's say you are in the Video (Library and Playback) menu. In the Options menu on the left you see a list of options ("Library", "Playback" and so on). With the focus on any item of the option menu you just can click the Left Button. And wow, there you can change the view from standard to any of the other views. I choosed Expert. Back again a lot more options are available. Great.

Ok, as I said I was such stupid but I didn't know this setting so far.

And ... mostly one person is not alone of being such *&§grrrrr

I hope this will help one of you. And I hope this will kill my issue ;-)