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Full Version: Using variable in animation
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I think that it's not possible to use variable in animation.

For example, I can't define a variable for a delay :

<variable name="Delay">

And use it this way :

    <effect type="rotatey" delay=$VAR[Delay] />

Do you think this can be a feature ?

Or, as there is a some skinners here who know how the Kodi engine work, this feature is not possible. I guess it's not the first time people think about it.

It's not possible. You can use constants though for that field, but that's not dynamic.
I think there are a lot of cases where this could go wrong if it did work. For the cases where it would make sense to have it, conditional includes can be used too imo.

That's what I thought Wink
AFAIK It should be possible to hack something dynamic in python to control animations. I made something to fade between colors and scale stuff. Passing the control ID and params to a script. I just thought it woyld be worth the mention :-)