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Full Version: Kodi randomly deleting content durng network blackout
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I have a MX2 droid box with Kodi 16.1. We have a shared web server with a bunch of friends and we all stream using that over https. We live in a country where the network is dodgy at best, and there are random blackouts on a daily basis. Now, any time the network drops, Kodi goes on a random mission of removing my content and marking the folders as not working, which I suppose makes sense since its supposed to do that. What I don't get is why it also "disowns" the type of content we set for that specific folder on the server. We all have to reset the content folders every single day, or at least twice a day. Its weary. Isn't there a way to stop it from doing this? A while back i thought I saw it as a bug that was resolved. This was never an issue in 15.x, at least the later versions of it, and I have an old MX2 that if plug it in today, it will still have all the old content and will not automagically do this and will do all the new content updates and cleaning and cleaing.

Anyone help?