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Full Version: Musicinformation userrating problem (need help)
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I was reworking DialogMusicInfo.xml to combine songinformation and musicinformation but I've run into a strange problem:

I had a list container with static content instead of discrete button controls for the application-controlled buttons (B6 refresh, B7 userrating, B10 thumb, B12 (songs) album info/ (music) fanart). The content items have <onclick>SendClick(x)</onclick> assigned to pass the click to the Kodi control.

The problem is with the content item I have for Userrating -- SendClick(7). When I click that, I get the Select dialog popup as expected, but at the same time the current directory changes from albums or songs (depending on where the info dialog was opened from) to music playlists. So after exiting the select dialog and then the info dialog I am in music playlists and have to go back to get back to where I was when I first opened the music or song info dialog.

Obviously this didn't happen in Jarvis so something changed.

Any ideas though I guess I could pull it out and just create a button id="7" (which works in Estuary of course)?

scott s.
Add the window id, eg
Not sure why this happens without the id though.
9884 (PR)
Wow. Thanks guys for figuring out so fast and even pushing out a PR. Adding the window id did, indeed, fix it.

scott s.