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Full Version: Play raw local data as live stream
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Dear Kodi-Community,

I have a simple (in the sense of low-level) request. I'm getting a stream of raw data (h.264 video and raw audio) that I want to play as it gets in. The data should be (roughly) in sync and I'm getting the data in form of a buffer (C function call with pointer and length). If I point the video stream to a file, I can play that file in Kodi without any problems.

I'd like to play the video and audio data simultaneously in KODI, either from the tail of the files I point them into or by directing the data somewhere else, from where KODI can fetch it live. I'm using an ARM GNU/Linux platform, and I have no issue with using command line tools (as long as I can automate that in the long term with some kind of service/wrapper addon).
My immediate thought is to mux the video and audio to a named pipe. Then point kodi at the named pipe.