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Full Version: Artwork with internet radio url?
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Is it possible to associate artwork with an internet radio url? I see from the wiki that I can create a strm file and then associate an NFO file with the file, but it's not quite intuitive what kind of NFO file to create, music? music video? tvshow? Music seemed most intuitive to me so I created a strm file for an internet radio url , "kcrw_eclectic_24.strm" (it plays just fine), an image file of the artwork, "kcrw_eclectic_24.png", and an nfo file, "kcrw_eclectic_24.nfo". The contents of the nfo file:

<title>KCRW Eclectic24</title>
<artist clear=true>KCRW</artist>

This doesn't seem to work, I scan it and the music library is not modified with any new entries.

Is there anyway to associate artwork with a stream url?