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Full Version: Add media flag
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Hi, I am new to skinning. I have been using skin ace for a long time and I am a bit disappointed that the skin is not updated for use with newer Kodi versions. Anyhow, some 3rd parties have modded the skin and made it useable.

I am wondering if it is possible to add media flags for HEVC and 4k to the skin.

Based on my what digging around I did I found that the flags folder is found if you unpack textures.xbt in the skin folder which I am doing using this tool - 201883 (thread)

When I add the 2 png files for 4k and HEVC and repack the xbt however, it corrupts parts of the skin which I have left completely untouched (I have only added the 2 images, nothing else is changed) so this is a bit puzzling.

Anyone can offer any help on this?
you are probably using the wrong version of texturepacker or something...
try with this link: TexturePacker (wiki)

fyi, if it just for you, you can skip the compressing part, and use the files as is (just put all the images in the "media" folder instead only the textures.xbt file)
noticed the wiki link still pointed to a slightly older version of texturepacker...
i've updated the link to texturepacker-1.1.1