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Full Version: [NEW] Revised Codec and Playback info overlay discussions and suggestions
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@BigNoid and FernetMenta:

+1 to adding a new dialog to core and mapping the "O" key to that.
@BigNoid; indeed. Rest assured that I do not let excessive debugging/ogling of player stats interfere too much with my cinematic enjoyment. Wink It's usually if something (i.e, dropped frame/glitch happens during playback) it is very handy to bring up this information quickly. The buffer situation is usually only when commencing playback (i.e, under heavy i/o loads, such as dumping of a BD to local storage, you can ensure that the cache remains filled for the duration of the feature by simply pausing it for a couple of seconds. The cache is 300Mb, so it has more than enough room to catch up afterwards.).

However, _without_ any caching (which I've yet to determine might be the case for Kodi 17), this is much more prevalent and can happen during playback as well, even under regular i/o loads.
(2016-07-08, 17:17)Gade Wrote: [ -> ]@BigNoid and FernetMenta:

+1 to adding a new dialog to core and mapping the "O" key to that.

Here's what I did for Mimic...there's a skin setting (off by default) to enable debug info when the info button in the video OSD has the focus. I'd be ok with it having its own dialog in core if that is the consensus though.


Edit read too late last pagrs

I've noticed the 'debug screen' doesn't overlay other dialogs, can it's z order be changed to make it the topmost screen?

This is by design. The debug screen renders real-time info and needs to do this in the most efficient manner. The old codec screen caused many systems to drop frames just by bringing it up.
Just don't bother with the debug screen.
OK cool.

For anyone who's interested here's Confluence's new info screen.


very nice!
Very impressive indeed.
I'd appreciate some testing.

Looks awesome hitcher
how about on default skin
Not as fancy as the other screens here, but will do for now:

Sorry but wouldn't more useful for audio to have info about bitrates ? Also video bitrates imho
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