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Full Version: Kodi crashing on FireTV
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I'm running Kodi 16 on a Amazon FireTV (1st gen) and I'm generally very happy about it.
But in the last few months I'm starting to have some trouble with it.

- I recently factory reset the AFTV and reinstalled kodi to decrease any external influence.
- My media source is a Synology DS2 series.
- AFTV is connected via WIFI 2 meters from the router. The problem also occur via ethernet.

- Once in a while, the video just hangs for a few seconds and buffers very slowly. During that time, other devices have no problem using the network.
- Is quite common for it to buffer at 1 hour and 26 minutes in.
- Is not uncommon for it to crash while playing. having to restart kodi again.

Anyone else having such problems? What can I do to debug this? Is starting to get really annoying but I would like to keep the FTV and not have to get another player.