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Full Version: How do I mod a skin to not list R and above?
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How do you mod the view in a skin not to list R, NC-17, & NR movies?
You'd need to make a playlist and load that instead of all your movies
if it's for personal use, you can edit the movie library to not include those movies:
Video_nodes (wiki)
It's for all general movies including addons.

Will playlist work with movies from addons?
i don't think there's any way to filter what an addon returns.
it has to be implemented in the addon itself.
Can't you do it in the skin controlling the View listing?
You could probably enforce a no-play unless rating set to "E". And similar a no - show title unless certain rating. And so on.. it would probably lead to alot of false positives. Could work for plugins. But not in skinned addons I presume.

Maybe its possible to intercept the player instead? And reverse lookup thw rating somehow. Or maybe it wpuld be possible to hack a rating system to hide entire addons.