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Full Version: Audio DSP Manager oddities
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So today I finally gathered up the motivation to skin DialogAudioDSPManager.xml and I came across some weird things that made me create several workarounds. Maybe there's a good reason for them that I am not seeing so I thought I'd bring it up here.

Mandatory scrollbar controls
I spent a good hour figuring out why the visibility of ID20 (Available modes) and ID21 (Active modes) was not changing depending on what was selected in ID9000 (processing mode selection list).

Eventually I found out this was because I did not have a pagecontrol set on ID's 20 + 21. I don't use scrollbars in any dialog. Once I set a pagecontrol this started working properly, even if I set the actual pagecontrol to <visible>false</visible>. I don't see any good reason why this should be an issue.

Inconsistent use of icons
Why is $INFO[ListItem.Property(Icon)] being used here, instead of $INFO[ListItem.Icon] ?

I try to use shared includes and parameters, and this messes with fallback routines I have in place which work in every dialog needed except this one. I can work around it, but that defeats the purpose of includes.

Also, the icons that come with the included DSP add-ons deviate from what is generally considered a "standard", which is square, non-transparent icons.
You made me find motivation to add the dialog to my skin Smile
I couldn't replicate the scrollbar/pagecontrol issue, but did find the use of properties inconsistent.
I've put up those changes in PR:9897
Great Smile