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Full Version: Watched and unwatched videos
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Just installed a new kodi 15.2 openelec on RPI3 and i've got a problem with medias.

Impossible for me to "mark as viewed" a file or an item, there is not the "viewed" icon.
On an item like in series, impossible to do the same, always showing me the total number of items "as unviewed".
Same issue in Films.

On the title of the show, tell's me xx items and xx items unviewed?! (tv series)

I only see the icon on process viewing (number of %)

I'm running titan skin, but same in confluence and Aeon.
Triyed to suppress sources --> same
triyed to suppress dg files --> nothing work

Any help would be apprecied.
UP! Any one could help me?

Just to add some informations, when i really Watch the film or show, status works fine, but if using the toggle watched in menu, nothing work (even if watched i can't turn it unwatched).