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Full Version: Renaming duplicate Files
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Whenever a film is present two times with different filenames, TMM tries to rename it to the same name pontentially removing one of the films. This could be a problem when the films differ in some kind (i.e. different resulution or source) and these characteristics are not pert of the file / directory name.

For heavans sake, this seems to fail with an "Fehler beim Umbenennen : Destination '\\RAIDIX\video\Filme\8 Blickwinkel (2008) [720p]' already exists" message visible in tools -> last messages.


a) TMM should not even try to rename the file at least in "rename with preview" mode. The conflict could be displayed here.

b) IF TMM tries to rename there should be any indication that something went wrong (a red status line or an outmativ pop up the the last message box or something like this. (If this is already present, please advise where - I did not notice it.)

This is a low prior request, as the most important fact is that TMM never ever deletes a media file because of naming conflicts. And this seems to be working this way.


PS: THANKS FOR THE GREAT WORK. I'm still learning TMM but ist likely to keep it for managing my Kodi database
You're right, we need some better presentation of what went wrong and why.
Also the preview-mode could do some basic checks..
Will put this on our todo list Smile

yes, prior renaming, we already have a bunch of tests and tries, if it succeeds.
If not, we stop the renaming immediately - messing up wrong files must be avoided at any cost.

For keeping the same movie twice, you might want to try latest pre-release build.
We've introduced some "edition" field... http://www.tinymediamanager.org/blog/movie-editions/ which might come handy here...

Thanks, the new Feature "Edition" is very useful. Especially as it can be used in the naming of files and directories.

What I'm missing with the Edition Feature is the possibility to extend the preinstalled Options. I've a file markes ad "remastered". Until now I did not find a plce where I could add this string. Maybe ist hardcoded.

I'm still looking, maybe I only Need new glasses. Big Grin. If really hardcoded, please consider a way to extend it. This Need not by inside a menue, some config file woul be enough for my personal usage.

this is hard coded since we have a ruleset behind it to detect it from folder/file names.
we can add it if you have some good examples for missing edition (incl. Movie names for our unit tests) we might add it