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Full Version: Question about The Wiki Updating Version Numbers
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I was updating the wiki page for Artist Slideshow for the new 2.0.0 features and noticed that the wiki page still lists 1.8.7 as current (1.8.8 is in the repo, and the 2.0.0 pull request is pending). Am I suppose to manually update something on the wiki page, or is that suppose to manually update periodically?
it's updated automatically...that is, when our wiki guy runs the update script i think :-)

will move this to the wiki Q&A section.
Aye, I haven't ran the script in a while. I've been meaning to run it offline and then import the changes, which is faster than the bot script. CloudFlare throttles things down a bit, but that actually forces me to figure out a better way over-all, so it's a good thing.

I was thinking of just dropping the version number from the pages, since that's normally the only thing that changes often on those pages, and it's already updated on the addon.kodi.tv site, but we'll see. The important thing is the wiki page creation for add-ons, so it's easier for people to document things. In the future we will be able to pull some of this info live from sources like github, so it won't actually need a bot script :D