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Full Version: Updated from Kodi 14 to 16.1 and now ts-files don't play!
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Hi guys,

I have an Android TV box and was using Kodi 14.0. I mostly play .ts files recorded from TV channels via dvbviewer (cut and saved with Avidemux afterwards). Everything was working smooth and always resisted installing newer versions. Successfully ignored v15, because I thought "never change a running system". But now I updated to v16.1 (just loved the new personal user rating addition) and it won't play my ts-files. Showing the loading icon for about 10 seconds and then nothing plays.

Any ideas how I could get the ts files working on Kodi 16.1?

As mentioned they played fine with v14 and still do with vlc-player. I updated Kodi versions as recommended, updating to v15 first and then v16.

Thanks in advance for your help! Blush
Ok, just played around a little bit and found out that if I rename the file ending from ts to mkv it's playing. I wonder why v14 played the files correctly while v16.1 needed a different file ending? It would be nice to know the why if someone could enlighten me Smile

If there is no harm I would rename all files to mkv now. Or is there something to consider I don't know about?