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Full Version: Delete not working since 16.1 update
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For the longest time Delete was working just fine. I always has it delete the Library entry & the file. But since updating to 16.1 it no longer works.

SOURCES.XML has all sources looking like this...

<path pathversion="1">smb://user:[email protected]/movies/</path>

All files are on my Synology NAS ... I verified user & password on the NAS, this is still correct & has not changed in over 2 years, since Kodi before was called XBMC

MySQL database PATH table also has the entries showing same as SOURCES.XML ... all with user:password as the prefix

I have not turned on debug log yet but wanted to ask if I was missing something new in 16.1 ?

In Kodi Settings, do you have Settings > Appearance > File Lists > "Allow File Renaming and Deletion" checked? You might need to be in some other mode above "Basic" to see that option in the list of settings.