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Full Version: No DTS-HD on any format?
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Hey I am new to all this, and traded in my WD TV Live which played all formats for a Nvidia Shield, but I have looked at how to guides and followed step by step.

I am trying VLC in Android and also wookie which is only a skin, and tried everything.

The Movie is showing DTS-HD but my amp is not, and everything is updated, and using jarvis from the android store.

Is there a exact step by step on how to make my Onkyo TX-NR818 to stream the HD audio formats ?

I have checked and unchecked boxes, looked at forums, most of them out of date because they actually say on the settings DTS-HD but this new jarvis one from the android shop on just says support 8 channel dts-hd passthrough, I enabled this and still nothing.

Starting to think this Nvidia shield was a bad buy
Read better Wink

Current Kodi release (Jarvis) does not support HD audio.
You need a Kodi nightly (Krypton; unpredictable due to lack of Android dev) or SPMC for that.
Why does it say all over the internet that Kodi Supports HD audio?

Including this:

This is a snippit from another poster as well:

Can confirm that DTS-HD MA and Dolby TrueHD works with nVidia Shield and my Onkyo 876. Awesome work! Highly unexpected feature to arrive in Jarvis.
Sorry its SPMC not kodi, all working fine now,Sorry new to this.

Seems SPMC is far ahead of Kodi for what I need anyway.

Sorry once again
Want to say thanks Koying for moving off and doing your own thing, far far better for home media with those that require HD Audio.