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Full Version: NFO sorttitle not cancelling out TheMovieDB's sort
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I apologize if I have this in the wrong forum, but I'm trying to sort my collection of Marvel movies by release date, instead of [year] and [alphabet], and it doesn't seem to be working. How, exactly, do I set sorttitles to get them into the order I want? I was trying to do it by phase (e.g. "Phase 01 01" for Iron Man and up through 06 for The Avengers, "Phase 02 01" for Iron Man 3, etc), but do I have to simplify it down even more to get it to work? Even when I refresh and tell Kodi to only use local data, I'm still seeing movies in the wrong order for what I want. Do I have to knock it down more to just something like "Marvel 1, 2, 3"?