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Full Version: HDHomerun prime freezing
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Hi Folks;

new member, new to kodi. I currently have three boxes running kodi two on Zotac CI320s with 8gb of ram and 120gb SSD and one on a solid run cube. All boxes have been running flawlessly for about a month now. one of the zotac's is loading the the homerun addon but is freezing up after about one minute of live tv. There is no PVR installed, I've reinstalled kodibuntu multiple times with same results. I've copied the working file directory from the working zotac to the bad zotac thinking that would fix things, but it didn't. I'm now grasping at straws for a solution. I Any help would be great appreciated.

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This seems to refer to the HDHomerun View Video add-on, not pvr.hdhomerun.