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Full Version: unable to stream
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Sorry If this is a " Roll your eyes" kind of issue but , completely new to add ons and KODI - not very tech savvy -

Installed as directed but seems like everything I try to stream in any of the apps , I get a message to see the Log ? or , " sorry not available" even after seeing over 10,00 views, why can I not stream ?
Kodi does not come with any content or sources installed, except YouTube.
What are you trying to stream?
Please be mindful of forum rules (wiki) and banned add-ons (wiki)
Video - Movies - TV - .. I get to the stream choices ( some not even that far ) and seem no matter which I choose , I get a message that it is not available or some other indication that it was not able to load - I am learning that not all sources for KODI are legitimate. I acquired through Fire stick on ebay ... Have a feeling that is where my problem is
sucks getting burnt eh? leave them shit feedback ask for a refund and read this : https://kodi.tv/the-piracy-box-sellers-a...ling-kodi/
while you are at it read the forum rules (wiki) that you agreed to abide by when registering.
(2016-06-08, 19:41)OTinley Wrote: [ -> ]Kodi does not come with any content or sources installed, except YouTube.
What are you trying to stream?
Please be mindful of forum rules (wiki) and banned add-ons (wiki)

Apologies if I've broken any rules . I did read, so If I am doing something wrong its not intentional . Was it that I mentioned a Copy written name?

I intend on following your advice, and I do want to find out more about Kodi and Add-Ons. It is a new world for me; even though I am an old dog, I can still be taught new tricks. I just want to get it right
You haven't actually said which add-on(s) you are having problems with, nor provided any details such as a link to an uploaded debug log (wiki) of an occurrence of the problem. That is usually a sign that one or more banned add-ons (wiki) is involved, as people seem to think that just because they don't mention them by name that we will help in supporting them.

Follow the link above, gather the log and post it to pastebin or xmbclogs (or use the add-on which will do it all for you). Then with the URL they provide pasted here, we can look and see what's going on (and indeed whether it's an issue we can support under the rules or not).
Correct I did not mention particular Add-Ons because they all failed in one way or another. But I am discovering that the real issue; the product I have is not legitimate I am returning the Stick which came " Fully Loaded " I am also learning that Kodi is a very reliable product and that my experience is no fault of Kodi but the perpetrators who were unable to fulfill their promises . I hope to start over and acquire Kodi from a reliable source and expect my results to be positive ... I will confirm ...
Fair enough.

Have a read of Nate's blog post on the subject - I think it'll resonate with you and your experience. This is at least in part why we dislike such sellers so much...
everything i pick to stream says to check the log. what log and where do i find it?Nod
debug log (wiki). But note all the other comments in this thread, as it was about to go in the bin.