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Full Version: Control sound card inputs in Kodi
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Hi. I'm new to Kodi. I'm interested in changing my media PC setup to use Kodi, and I want to control Kodi remotely.

I have a few Line-in's where I connect a DVD player and another decoder. I keep these inputs muted most of the time, but when I need to un-mute any, I have to open the sound control panel and do it there. Can these be controlled from Kodi, and more importantly, can these be controlled remotely?

I am planning on running Ubuntu, but I guess this question is OS independent.
You might look at scripting something in python and then launching that script using Kodi and a button on your remote control. I don't really know about Python myself, other than that such things are possible, but it's a place to start looking.
Ok, thanks. If that's possible it shouldn't be too difficult. I appreciate the answer!