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Full Version: Playing a mkv HD video using kodi from a external HDD
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Hi guys,

I'm playing a mkv HD video using kodi from a external HDD connected to Usb2 port to a TV via hdmi.

Movie is playing but occasionally it freezes for 5-10s, then accelerates and returns to normal behavior.

What could be the problem and how to solve it? Cheers
Is kodi running on your tv?

Hi nickr, no, kodi is running in qnap.

I've changed video outup resolution in kodi and problem is still there. Any cache limit menu?
Is it possible that the bitrate of the file is higher than what the throughput of your USB device host or drive can accomplish?
We'll not sure. Meanwhile I've set zero caching in kodi and improved video playing but still not perfect. I'll try to move mkv file to qnap storage and play it from there. Thanks
I've move file to qnap storage and movie plays perfectly. Not sure about what the problem.
Must be a problem with the qnap usb port or hard drive.
Problem solve. I've moved data between the 2 HDD, now about 60% full, both connected to usb and playing perfectly. Thanks guys