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Full Version: kodi add-on approved list
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i'm new to using kodi
i added [removed reference to banned add-on - Dangelus] (i think that's the name) and i saw it on the banned list
is there an approved kodi add-on list?
http://addons.kodi.tv/ is the official Kodi add-on repository so only add-ons here are in a sense "approved" but...

Also any 3rd party add-ons being openly discussed in the forums may be of interest.
As a rule of thumb, any add-on which is offering TV shows, channels or movies for free that you would normally need to pay to receive/see (or that are still in cinemas) are ones that we most certainly would not approve of.

We also do not generally approve of bundle repo's which contain a lot of different add-ons, as their content tends to be less well checked and reviewed (if at all) than the official repo, hence you can open yourself up to all sorts of security and malware risks.

The crap you originally mentioned is a prime example of one of the former.
Yep, if it's too good to be true, then that's a good sign that it's not legit.