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Full Version: Windows 7 [Toshiba Satellite 10 years old] Jarvis 16.1 no video yes audio
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Hello everyone

Not a tech geek but I can comprehend and follow directions if provided!

So I have been running Helix on the laptop, but I don't know why I decided to upgrade, without thinking about the old hardware of my laptop. Well I did it and I successfully loaded the new Jarvis 16.1. When I wanted to play a movie simply there was no video, but there was audio, so I am wondering if my graphics card does not support Jarvis, because I have the exact same set up on my Samsung S6, Ziddoo android box and new new Win 10 laptop and have no problems at all. I uninstalled Jarvis and installed back Helix and it works fine now. I also downloaded DirextX 11, but did not install it yet, because I don't know if this will fix my problem with Jarvis. I was hoping some of you more competent folks can tell me.

Another thing I could not find is the older versions of kodi on the main kodi website. I can only download the most current Jarvis 16.1 [luckily I kept my old Helix]. May be I was not looking at the right spot?

Anyway my display adapter is Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family

In any case I am still happy right now because I have functional Helix, but I wanted to know if DirectX 11 can help me in the future if I need to run Jarvis.

Thank you so much guys
DirectX 11.x & up is needed if you want to run Kodi 16.x & up.
Previous versions needed DirectX 9 & up.

Older versions are available here : http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/win32/old/
Thanks OTinley, that helps alot. I really appreciate your response.