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Full Version: M4V container have higher network overhead?
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Hey all,

Technical question: Does the M4V container have unusually high streaming requirements?

I've upgraded to a Shield TV recently, and I'm using an Asus A68U router. For various reasons I have opted to go wifi only with this new setup, and everything seemed great at first. I was blown away by what a difference the Asus made over my old isp provided gear, and was happy to have everything working great. I tested with my most largest of movie files and everything loaded quickly and seeked like a pro.

Then I started playing some old episodes (720p web rips in m4v containers) and they would quickly lose sync and go into buffering hell. After much testing I deemed it to be the fault of the inbuilt wireless of my laptop, and connected that to an external wireless adaptor. That seemed to help at first, but there was more to it.

Tonight I was playing an 11gig 1080p bluray rip on my ipad with Infuse. I saw the Google cast button pop up and gave it a whirl. I was startled to find that it played incredibly smoothly casting to my Shield. (From my count this would be wirelessly from the laptop to the ipad, then wirelessly again from the ipad to the shield).

Then I tried loading one of those m4v files. It took a solid minute or longer to start playing, and buffered almost immediately, just as Kodi did. On a whim remuxed it to mkv with MKVToolNix. As I expected it should have to begin with, it worked like a champ.

What is going on? I'll post a portion of media-info stats below for three files below (the 1080p I was casting, the 720p m4v, and the remuxed mkv).


Size: 10.23 GB
Format: Matroska/WebM file format
Chapters count: 28
Stream count: 13
Duration: 01:48:06
Bit rate: 13553 kb/s

Size: 683.5 MB
Format: QuickTime/MPEG-4/Motion JPEG 2000 format
Stream count: 3
Duration: 00:21:29
Bit rate: 4447 kb/s

Size: 682.6 MB
Format: Matroska/WebM file format
Stream count: 3
Duration: 00:21:29
Bit rate: 4441 kb/s

Kodi video stats show the transfer rate of the m4v at about 60% of the remux.