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Full Version: Audio Issues
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Having issues with the sound not matching up to the video on almost all video's i try to watch, I tried adjusting the sound delay but can never get it to match up, only started having this issue when I updated to Kodi 16:1, does anyone know how I can fix this??

Running from an Android Box to the TV
Where are your videos stored? How are you accessing them?
I'm accessing them through _____ and _____pretty much any app on the android box but mainly those 2 and ____ seems to be the worst

The add-ons you listed are on the banned add-ons (wiki) list and violate our forum rules (wiki) because of their association to pirated content.
Your post has been edited to remove those.
Be also aware that no support will be provided on this site for contaminated systems.
That makes no sense to me doesn't Kodi come with theses addons? I never added them I just downloaded Kodi and they are on the list??
What addons are not banned??
Quote: I never added them I just downloaded Kodi and they are on the list??

Kodi is the software and does not come with any add-on installed except YouTube.
If yours have banned add-ons (wiki), you did NOT get it from this site.
If you bought a 'fully loaded' box, then read this.

Quote:What addons are not banned??
Those and read about free content (wiki).
I have a Cyclone mini W10 PC and i noticed that HEVC content seems to play with either no sound, delayed sound, or very stuttery sound.

are there any particular settings (hardware or software wise) that I need in order for Kodi to run HEVC?

my pc says it supports 4k and both Windows and Kodi are up to date