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Full Version: Please help :(
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Hello, I'm a total newb but I recently bought a zoomtak tv box and because of the power
Going in and out (Fort mcmurray fires) all my Kodi files are gone. I deleted and reinstalled
Kodi like I read online but then that's it. There's no video files whatsoever.

Please help Sad
Hello and sorry about your recent problems.
You can browse some add-ons here or
From within Kodi : System/Add-ons/Install from Repository/Kodi Add-on Repository/Video Add-ons
I have tried that a couple of times and there are still no files. I've even installed the missing movie scanner
I am sorry but Kodi is only the software.
Any chance you could try to contact the seller of the device?
The files are probably still on the hard drive. Try finding a recovery tool: