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Full Version: Widescreen videos vertically stretched
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I have been encoding my videos to remove the black bars (even from 16:9 source videos). When I play the resulting extra wide videos in Kodi it stretches the video vertically. I've tried all of the video scaling modes and none of them use the right aspect ratio including Original. Isn't Normal supposed to stretch the video to be inside the display? I'm running on Arch Linux 4.5.1 kernel on an Intel NUC, using the i915 video driver. I'm using a 1080p TV connected via HDMI. Note that playing 4:3 scales correctly as does 16:9 videos, but anything with a higher ratio than 1.78 (16/9) does this.

Example video: 718x368 (2.31:1)
Screenshot from VLC

Zoom Mode Original on Kodi 16.1