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Full Version: Freeze after long onlineradio streaming
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Hi there,

for some time i have the problem that my RP2 with OSMC (Kodi 16.1) stops reacting after he streamed music (via radio.de plugin) from a webradio station for 8 or more hours.
Kodi plays music (audio routed over hdmi to my AV-Receiver), then i switch off the AV-Receiver (Kodi continue to play or whatever..), go to work, come home again and turn on the AV-Receiver.
Kodi does not play the stream anymore. I connect to Kodi via Yatse and can see, that the playtime freezed.
If i try to stop the stream or change the station, Yatse looses the connection and kodi is not controllable anymore. The only solution is to restart the RP2.

This is a picture of kodi when i switch the station and the connection drops and kodi freezes.

Here is the link to the kodi.log (28mb, not paste-able on paste.osmc.io or pastebin.com). Debug is on.

Is this a know bug, or should i open a new issue?
What i see when i tailf the kodi.log is that these lines loop all the time:
PHP Code:
17:29:02 34729.203125 T:1853842416   DEBUGPrevious line repeats 1 times.
17:29:02 34729.203125 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - >> POLL not sent
:29:03 34730.203125 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << Recorder 1 (1) -> TV (0): POLL
:29:03 34730.203125 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << 10
:29:03 34730.382812 T:1853842416   DEBUGPrevious line repeats 1 times.
17:29:03 34730.382812 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - >> POLL not sent
:29:04 34731.382812 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << Recorder 1 (1) -> TV (0): POLL
:29:04 34731.382812 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << 10
:29:04 34731.562500 T:1853842416   DEBUGPrevious line repeats 1 times.
17:29:04 34731.562500 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - >> POLL not sent
:29:05 34732.562500 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << Recorder 1 (1) -> TV (0): POLL
:29:05 34732.566406 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << 10
:29:05 34732.746094 T:1853842416   DEBUGPrevious line repeats 1 times.
17:29:05 34732.746094 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - >> POLL not sent
:29:06 34733.746094 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << Recorder 1 (1) -> TV (0): POLL
:29:06 34733.746094 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << 10
:29:06 34733.925781 T:1853842416   DEBUGPrevious line repeats 1 times.
17:29:06 34733.925781 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - >> POLL not sent
:29:07 34734.925781 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << Recorder 1 (1) -> TV (0): POLL
:29:07 34734.929688 T:1853842416   DEBUGCecLogMessage - << 10 
EDIT: This is my setup (the first 1000 lines of the big log) http://paste.osmc.io/guqojereke.coffee
I did not know that i'm the only one who has this problem

I have not seen this problem before. Which add-on are you using? Is it this one... https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Dradio.de or a different one? Post the link.

And it will be better if I move you to the Music Add-on forum.
@Karellen No, this one: https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Radio
Thanks for moving the topic! Angel
Ok, Thanks.

I don't know if it is an add-on issue or a Kodi issue, so lets start with the add-on as that is where you are noticing the problem.

That wiki page holds contact details for the author of the add-on, but he is known here as @sphere

Hopefully that ping will bring him to your question. Unfortunately, his profile shows he has not been to the forum since Aut 2017. You might need to try his other contact details once you think enough time has passed Wink

--- Edit ---
Just saw you found his official thread (where you should have posted first, not create a new one), so the info above is not news to you...
I postet this thread here before i found the official thread Wink
If he's not answering the ping, i'll try to contact him via mail. Thanks Karellen, i'll keep this thread up2date!