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Full Version: XBMC Alarm clock from remigius
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Is there a way to contact remigius? I found the Plugin XBMC Alarm clock. Perfect for my usage. But I need 15 Timers and not only the 5 Timers. I'm not the coder so it's not possible for me to change the plugin. A perfect solution will be, to be able to add unlimited Timers.

So can someone help to contact the original developer or is someone here, who can modify the original AddOn?

thx and greats
I sort of had the same thought, but I could get away with just 2 if it had the ability to set a "custom" weekend, instead of Saturday and Sunday.

EDIT: I am a programmer and if I get the energy someday I might take a stab at rewriting it.

EDIT2: Other features I think it needs...

1) Repeat sound.
2) Let playing audio continue.


I had a chance to look at the code and adding additional timers would be pretty easy.

But the one thing that I would want most, I would definitely need to ask the developers about, would be, if at all possible, to let any currently playing audio, continue to play.