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Full Version: Modifying TheMovieDB Scraper
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Well hello. I have been trying to modify the metadata.themoviedb.org/tmdb.xml (TheMovieDB Scraper) to follow my file structure. My File structure is as follows


So while i was looking the tmdb.xml i noticed a parameter passing &year=$$4. At this point after hours of search, i'm not sure how $$4 contains something like year, and how it's been passed there, and how to modify it.

All i want is to get the year from MovieFolder's parent Folder Name.

Is there any easy way to do this?
If the filename or the folder containing the movie does not include the year (which is the case in your case), then you will not be able to get the year, sorry.

By the way it is not the scraper what "extract" movie name and year from file or folder name. It is done by Kodi core which then passes those over to the scraper in $$1 (movie name) and $$2 (year). These are the basic inputs for the scraper and the scrapers use those to create the search urls.
So if i modify the Scraper.cpp , and recompile it, will it work for me? Or it will create further issues. Is it hardcoded?