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Project for a local museum with an 1960's era TV.

They needed something appliance like, and easy to use.
Kodi was the best choice of software because it will play almost anything thrown at it, and can reshape the image to fit within the old style 4:3 screen area.

Hardware Build
Album showing how the old TV was converted:

watch gallery

Tech Specs:

TV: Amalgamated Wireless Australasia K140 c.1969
PC: IBM Thinkpad m92b Small Form Factor
O/S: Triple Boot - OpenElec / Win 10 / Ubuntu - Default to OpenElec
LED TV: Soniq 32"
Infra Red Receiver/Extender: sends signal from square panel above big Tuning dial, down to the LED TV.
Remote Keyboard: Simplecom RT200

Why Kodi was a great choice?

* Old TVs use a 4:3 aspect ratio, but the screen behind it is full widescreen. Part of the screen is covered by buttons and dials on the right. Kodi was useful because it has 'Video Calibration'. You can set it to display whatever size / shape picture you like.

* The Amber Skin adds to the cool retro feel.

* Openelec gives an applicance like feel. Just switch it on, and its ready to go within a few seconds.

1minute video of TV in action:
Coming Soon ...
Waoh! Really impressed. Nice job.
(2016-06-20, 11:41)joelbaby Wrote: [ -> ]PC: IBM Thinkpad m92b Small Form Factor

Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 would have been even smaller and noiseless and cooler (well, the Pi2 anyways)

But hey, looks funky Big Grin
Quote:Raspberry Pi 2 or 3

Thanks for your feedback.
Original thinking was to use a PC to boot into Windows, because it provides a familiar user environment, and easier for corporate IT support staff to deal with. Internet browsing and powerpoint presentations would also be possible.

In the end - the staff preferred to boot straight into Openelec. This meant I could have used a Pi3 after all. Time constraints did not allow more mucking around changing out the PC and reconfiguring. It will be used as an exhibit later this week.

Quote:noiseless and cooler

The PC used is very quiet (like a laptop that is not doing much). It is housed within a large wooden box, and people stand at the front of the TV. Heat dissipation isn't really a problem.

If I did the project again, I'd probably go for a Pi3. A TV with CEC would be a plus too, but they cost more, and the project had to be done to a budget. Budget limit was also affected by other aesthetic things too, like varnish, spray paint to fix damage to the cabinet border around the screen, and some moulded perspex to protect the screen.
Nice work Joelbaby, its back to the Future with OpenELEC Kodi Wink
I love the Retro TV inside the Retro TV, you have going on there with the Amber Skin, very clever.

I'm a Fan of Steampunk, and the mash up of old and new tech.

Which Museum at Wanneroo ?
It's a thing of beauty
(2016-06-20, 18:09)wrxtasy Wrote: [ -> ]Which Museum at Wanneroo ?
I love it, fantastic work. Makes me wish I had my parents old Murphy's 26 inch, now there was a TV that lasted a long time!
Love to see an animated splash start-up with video 'snow' and a shutdown of the old buffalo head.
(2016-06-21, 10:38)PatK Wrote: [ -> ]Love to see an animated splash start-up with video 'snow' and a shutdown of the old buffalo head.

Funny you should say that. This is one of the presentations they are playing on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTQFLeeZtwo
First 20 seconds and last 10 seconds is the bit you'd be most interested in. The rest is a narration of painted glass lantern slides from the 20's - 50's.
When you are drunk420 and wake up at midnight in front of the tv you can see lots of interesting things in that static.
I love it, love stuff like this. Great work.

This is an excellent build! Very well done!
(2016-06-20, 11:41)joelbaby Wrote: [ -> ]1minute video of TV in action:

Blocked in the UK it seems Sad

By SME Sony Music Entertainment

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Sooo cool!
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