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Full Version: WeTek Hub - 24p HD Netflix - HD Kodi Audio - 10bit HEVC - Lollipop - 4K
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Check on TV
If you have the overscan to 16 : 9

Try to put it like Auto Fit
I think it is overscan, if not fixable from the TV you have to zoom the window from settings -> display -> screen position (on Android)
(2016-07-23, 21:07)ChristianTroy Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-07-23, 18:29)ChristianTroy Wrote: [ -> ]About Chrome, I think it is eating the device ram and gets self killed by the lowmemorykiller. Next week there will be an OTA, I have changed a bit the ram management, hopefully it will behave better also with Chrome (the tweaked Netflix Android TV works after this modification for example)

I have just tried Chrome (I am running the future firmware btw) and it was working alright, I also tried browsing an heavy news website (www.corriere.it) and worked good, I think that the new OTA will fix your issue

This is some really awesome stuff, and it makes me glad I purchased a Wetek product! By the way, the Spotify Android TV app seems to behave like Chrome and Netflix, which makes me think the issues I'm having there are memory related as well (freezing after a while, with Android becoming unresponsive). Do you know if that could be the case, and does it seem to work well on the OTA coming next week?
If it has the same symptoms there could be a good chance that is what is happening... I trusted to some Amlogic default values for 1GB devices but it looked like they were not great Smile
I found a way to move the picture by a few pixels. I think this has fixed it. (Also disabled many many cosmetic features like perfect motion etc ... )
I am not very goof with TV settings Smile
But thanks, you gave me the right spot to look Smile
(2016-07-24, 12:46)noggin Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone got PCM Multichannel out of their Hub using LibreElec? In wrxtasy's post he reports that hdmkv confirmed PCM multichannel in LibreElec - but whichever build I try I only get PCM 2.0 output when I play multichannel (DD, DTS, AAC, DTS HD, True HD etc.) with passthrough / bit streaming disabled. (This is a useful feature if you have FLAC or AAC multichannel and want to avoid transcoding to Dolby 5.1)

No. I tried this morning with FLAC multichannel and comes through as stereo only. Bistreamed DTS and Atmos no problem.

No problem with FLAC multichannel with the WETEK Player app in Android (except when sampling > 96kHz...
WETEK Hub Remote:

Surely the Air Mouse mode has a bug? When you switch to mouse mode the cursor won't move unless I use the D pad keys?

There is also one screen in the initial setup menu where neither the D pad or Air Mouse will highlight one of the on screen buttons to click onto without lots of mucking around, that needs a fix too.

Off axis response is terrible, you have to be almost straight in front of the Hub for the remote to operate.
It's an IR (line of sight) remote with no accelerometer or gyro. Mouse mode uses the directional keys to move the mouse instead of movement.
(2016-07-25, 04:35)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]It's an IR (line of sight) remote with no accelerometer or gyro. Mouse mode uses the directional keys to move the mouse instead of movement.

Thanks for the confirmation.

I thought it might be something like that but the cursor moves very, very slowly. Feels like at least 30s to travel from top left to bottom right on a 1080 screen.
Could someone please refer me to info on how I can access the Android file system from my PC as I want to copy some files into the Kodi system (and WETEK Player).

I'm sure I read how to do this on the Core but I've spent a couple of hours trying to find this out with no luck.

Actually I'm trying to see if I can get Aeon Nox 5 Silvio running on the WETEK Player.
by ftp, anonymous login
(2016-07-25, 08:24)ChristianTroy Wrote: [ -> ]by ftp, anonymous login

The mentioned OTA update is online
(2016-07-25, 17:52)ChristianTroy Wrote: [ -> ]The mentioned OTA update is online

Awesome! Gonna check how Spotify and Netflix (Android tv) work.
I've tried installing the Netflix Android TV app from here: http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/netflix-inc...ndroid-tv/

But when I run it I get an error message: "This version of Netflix app is not compatible with your device (-13)."

Is this the right app or is there something else I should be doing besides?