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Full Version: WeTek Hub - 24p HD Netflix - HD Kodi Audio - 10bit HEVC - Lollipop - 4K
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Hi, I feel a little dumb making this post for what seem like such obvious instructions.

My hub currently buffers every 5 minutes when trying to watch 4k content on stock Android, so I wanted to try LibreELEC.

When I insert the SD card into the hub, should it be sticking out a little bit or should it click in? Also, is the reset button the yellow button underneath the hub?

I would love some explain like im five instructions on how to install this. (Am I able to boot from my SD card without wiping the NAND?
1) Use the LibreELEC USB flashing Software to flash a Hub image to SD card

2) Insert SD card into Hub. I believe it goes in upside down, metal contacts facing up. Do not force it. The card has to sit flush with the case so it does not stick out. It will sort of click and hold itself in.

3) Reboot the Hub, you should see and additional Menu the tell you to Press the Power (Remote control) button to boot to LibreELEC. Hold the remote Power button in till LE Logo appears.

4) Any further reboots will boot straight into LE without doing anything. Remove the SD card when you power off and the next boot is into Android. Or you can hold in the Power Button again to flip flop between OS's.

The Hub remembers the last OS you used.
No need to wipe NAND. LE runs entirely from an external SD card.
Thank you for the reply, should 4k files be buffering on stock OS?

Think LE will fix this?
4K Needs Ethernet to be able to stream AND you have to set a 4K Android system resolution before starting Kodi AND you very likely need to set a Android Kodi Video Cache - like Example 4:


Most of us when watching a combo of 1080p / 4K video content use LibreELEC Kodi Krypton because that has both Auto refresh switching and Auto 1080p / 4K resolution switching for superior picture quality on a 4K TV. ( Leave LibreELEC Kodi system Resolution at 1080p60Hz)

This also has to be set:

LibreELEC Kodi Settings > Player Settings > Video > Adjust Display Refresh Rate > Start/Stop
Sync Playback to display > disabled
I'm trying the Wetek hub again (good thing Best Buy has a good return policy).

Is there any way configure my Harmony One correctly, so that it can be used with the hub? I want Play button to play, and the stop button to stop.

Last time I tried, the stop button on my Harmony One wouldn't actually stop playback. I had to press Menu, then move over to the stop button on screen. I immediately packed it up and returned it. It was a deal breaker right then and there. This is through Libreelec.
This in in response to my above post.

I finally found a working Wetek Hub and gave it another go.

I gotta say is wow, this thing impresses me. Does exactly what I want. I got Libreelec working, and Libreelec sees all of my 6 external hard drives (contained in 2 Mediasonic 4-bay enclosures). Write speed to them is 22 MB/S when my old Dune was at like 6 MB/s.

I got my Harmony remote working the way I want. 

Why was I so hard on it before? I don't know, maybe it was a bad day or bad week for me at the time. 

I also love the size!

I'm looking for a rpi + chromecast replacement box.

My setup is pretty simple: 1080p TV with external Hifi amplifier.
So no need for 4K (or resolution swithch), HD passthrough, ...
My only needs are: Kodi with working refresh rate and 1080p upscaling, chromecast capabilities, and working apps such as 'live channels', 'youtube' and 'MyCanal'

The wetek seems to have a custom 'android tv' rom, with refresh rate working on kodi.
Is it really stable?
How is picture quality?
Possible to use an harmony bluetooth hub to control the wetek?

Only Google Approved - Android TV media players like the NVIDIA Shield, Xiaomi Mi Box and Smart TV's running Android TV will have Chromecast support with the required casting receiver certificates in device Firmware. Google keeps tight control of that.

On All other devices running unofficial Android TV ROM's, Chrome/Googlecasting will not work properly if at all.

1GB RAM devices are a bit slow and constrained for running Android TV vs 2GB RAM devices.
Hi, first post alarm ;-) I recently received a Wetek Play 2 and a Hub. I sold the Play 2 when I found out it does not receive DVB-T2 too well in Germany. The Hub was also sold but eventually got sent back and it just stayed. 

I seriously did not like the very hot temperature the case had after a few minutes playing back H265 material. I decided to remove the original heatsink and the thick metal plate that is supposed to conduct the heat. I cut out a piece of the upper casing and cleaned the CPU. A new larger heatsink was glued on the CPU with Arctic Silver Alumina which is an adhesive not a grease. Since the case now has an "open window" air can more easily take away CPU heat. The larger heatsink slightly sticks out of the newly created "window". Please note that I had to cut out the heatsink at 2 places as some parts stick out more than the CPU and RAM chips. I also glued a heatsink to the RAM chips while I was at it.

CPU temp still got to 79 degrees Celsius when playing back H265 1080p material. This evening I flashed the Libreelec image 8.2.3 to NAND. To my surprise the Hub now is very responsive but even more important : it now only gets to 49 degrees Celsius playing back the same material. I think the Libreelec image is the best thing the device can overcome to be honest. I don't see a 30 degree Celsius difference too often when modding devices. In fact I could not believe my eyes and retested for an hour but results were consistent and I could now touch the heatsink without burning my fingers. 

* The device now is more responsive and more fast (while running cooler) with its 1 gb RAM than many other devices running crappy Android with 2 gb RAM. There is NO memory issue at all when Libreelec is flashed.
The thick layers silicon rubber obviously do something but leaving them out makes a difference in temperature. A heatsink glued directly to the CPU and RAM just works better.

edit 22 januari: This morning I tested again and with 20 degrees ambient I see the Hub stabilising at 47.6 degrees when playing back a 1080p H265 file. This is a very significant difference with the original situation (it hoovered between 79 and 98 degrees because of thermal management) which gives these modifications the "ultimate" status ;-) I saw 566 mb free RAM and not even 50% CPU load peak shared over 4 cores. While playing quite heavy H265 material and the system menu opened the absolute maximum I noted down was 58 degrees max.
Hi, so now your Hub looks like a funny car with a dirty great Supercharger sticking out of the bonnet/hood ? Wink

Suggestion now is to buy a $14 aftermarket Xiaomi Mi Box Bluetooth remote - then you will really have a responsive LibreELEC box !

Original Genuine Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote - $11.19


Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote Control 2 $11.50
That seems a good suggestion as the original remote seems to lack one important button. In my case reception of IR signal is not bad. I slightly bent the sensor when the device was opened.

I think it it safe to say that the device is hampered by the original OS. It was reaching 100 degrees Celsius in original state. They can say what they want and the chip may be able to survive that but the surrounding parts won't. The funny car look is not bad at all but since it still ran too hot IMO I was thinking of mounting a Sunon Maglev 60 x 60 x 10 fan which would have given it true Frankenstein appeal. That is not necessary anymore. I dare to say the Hub is one of the best devices for Kodi. I also have an Intel NUC with H265 capabilities but the Hub has got the right size, the right performance with Libreelec and it is cheaper.
Has WeTek stopped production of it's products? Very hard to locate a Hub or any other of theirs in the US.
Wetek looks like dead now. Since many months no new updates, no infos no new receivers...
Anyone have experience with their add on air mouse? Did they get it right , so it works well w/ Android, Kodi, Netflix etc? Was thinking of ordering one w/ a Hub, getting tired of fighting w/ my FTV2 /Mr.MC/SPMC/Kodi to just be able to watch my media library with full surround & less hiccups...