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Full Version: GMM - Graspop Metal Meeting
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Wikipedia Wrote:Graspop Metal Meeting is an annual metal festival in Dessel, Belgium that has taken place each year since 1996. Despite the small size of the festival grounds (upholding a perimeter of only ~4 km) the festival draws a large number of international spectators, with a total of 152,000 visitors in the course of the 2015 edition.

They have a page with full shows, interviews, reports etc
So an addon to watch this content would be nice and appreciated. Smile

(For fellow metalheads: you can watch whole shows from the French Hellfest open air via the "arte" addon.)
Wish the audio quality was better on some of these videos, but -

Here ya go...

Watch videos from Graspop Metal Meeting, including full length concert sets, interviews and more.

EDIT: Download the latest version from post #4 below or download my repo from the link in my signature.

Tested on Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 & Lubuntu 14.04), Mac OS (Lion), and Android (Lollipop), running Gotham, Helix, and Isengard.

If you have any issues with the add-on, please post a debug log (wiki).

Just tested it - works nicely.
Thank you very much! Smile
Wish I had thought about updating this sooner, could have included the live streams, but the 2017 festival has just concluded. Better late than never though, so an updated version is available with all of the VOD content.

GMM - Graspop Metal Meeting - v 0.0.2

If you have any issues with the add-on, please post a link to a debug log (wiki) on pastebin.com or similar site.

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