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Full Version: no "Add Source"
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In the Handbook is written:
"Media Sources are virtual links to the content you wish Kodi to use. When you enter any of the Videos, Music, Pictures or the Filemanager..."

Media_Sources (wiki)

My Kodi display only "Addons". I reinstall und reboot Kodi. No Result. When i try over "Videos" then "Files" i can choose between the Scraper
"TV Series"

But no Scraper named "Pictures".

It was working bevor for months. One day i can't show my Pictures. I spend 2 days to try a lot of solution.
I don't ask for a reason. Only for a solution.

Thanks a lot for every hint

You don't make picture sources in videos menu. Go to pictures menu, files, add source.

Is that a Joke?

I wrote "My Kodi display only "Addons". That means i go to the Menuitem "Picture".
And there is only one Subitem: "Addons"
"Add Files" is not displayed

I reinstall Jarvis 16.1. The same result.
I remove Kodi with Windows Installer. The same result.
I remove the folder "Kodi" in the User Section. The same result.

What you suggest?
Reinstall Windows? Format Systempartition? Buy a new PC?

Use a VHS system lol....
Have you add source in other sections?
Take a look at system, appearance, file lists. Maybe you have "show add source button" not flagged.
And as nickr wrote you have to go in picture section. There you will find add pictures. That's all

VHS or better Hyper V? ;-)

Yes i can ... add Files to other Sources. Only the Menu Picture not display the Menuitem "Add Source".

You wrote:
"system, appearance, file lists. Maybe you have "show add source button" not flagged."
This Option is active

The Default Skin "Confluence" is activ. Language "english" or "german".
In my "Picture" Section or Root Menu Item is only "Addons"

I can post Screenshots, if that helps.
Or i take a Umbrella and buy a new PC ;-)

How about a debug log (wiki)?
Yes and screenshots.

Tonight i post Screenshot and Logfile.

On the Screenshot you can see the root item "Picture" and one Submenuitem "Addons".

In the first picture you have bilder highlighted. Google translate tells me this means images or pictures. At that point press OK on the remote or enter on the keyboard. You should get a menu with 'add source'. If not, go up a level , ie click on ..
her is a screenshot within "pictures"
Foto in my source.

Thank you so much for your help.

With "Enter" the "Add Picture Menu" will be displayed.

I was definitly my fault. In the Wiki is written "When you enter any of the Videos, Music, Pictures or the Filemanager, .." and not realize that.
RTFM ;-)